Pet Travel and Certificates

Marietta Vet Clinic can help with all necessary requirements and certificates needed for your pet travel.

Whether you are traveling with your dog or cat domestically or internationally, Dr. Peckich can assist you. 

Let us take the stress out of taking your pets with you on vacation or for a big move! 

Pet Travel and Certificates

Marietta Vet Clinic specializes in pet transportation and travel, handling all the necessary procedures and certificates. Dr. Peckich is a USDA Certified Veterinarian who will be able to help with each part of your travel preparation.  

Pet Travel Tips:

Make sure your pet is up to date on all necessary vaccinations.
Some countries only require proof of vaccination, and some may require a FAVN/titer test.
FAVN tests can take up to 2 months for results. 


Airline Requirements

If you plan to travel by air with your pet, check with the airline about their requirements.

Most international travel will require an ISO complaint microchip. Marietta Vet Clinic can easily check if your pet has one. 


Travel Date

When traveling, make sure you are aware of the important dates. APHIS health exams and certificates must be completed within a certain number of days of travel. 

Marietta Vet Clinic has helped many owners take their pets all over the world. We will make sure you have all of the necessary documents to travel confidently.

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Marietta Vet Clinic Dr. Julian Peckich

At Marietta Vet Clinic, we offer comprehensive, high-quality care at our state-of-the-art facility. We strive to create the most welcoming, pleasant experience for you and your furry friend. Dr. Peckich is affiliated with the American Veterinary Medical Association and has been providing specialized care for nearly ten years. 

To get started, request your pet’s appointment online or call our Marietta office at (404) 919-5150.

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