Pet Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy
A painless, drug-free, and non-invasive way to treat pain and inflammation.

Marietta Vet Clinic is pleased to now offer laser therapy for their patients!

Laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment that can improve your pets health with both short and long term conditions.  It is a great way to work with or without medication for a pain management option.  

Common conditions treated with Laser Therapy:

  • Arthritis
  • IVDD
  • Torn ligaments
  • Luxating Patella
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Hot Spot
  • Surgical Sites
  • Trauma

How Does Pet Laser Therapy Work?

The laser emits a light energy which passes through the layers of skin to the affected area, which then is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cell. When cells absorb the light energy, in initiates a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.

Frequency is the key to seeing results with laser therapy. A pet suffering from shoulder pain, for example, could be seen every day for the first week. Then, treatment could be tapered to twice a week, possibly once a week, then every other week. It may be necessary to maintain your pet once or twice a week if he or she is experiencing a chronic condition. The number of sessions needed will depend on the severity of the condition, the goal, and response to therapy.

What is the Cost of Pet Laser Therapy Treatment?

Cost of laser therapy can range depending on how many sessions your pet may need, and how long each session will take. Sessions can range from $15 – $40. The cost of a typical therapy session at Marietta Vet Clinic will be $25, and packages are available if multiple treatments are needed.

Post Operative Treatment

For most post-operative incisions, Marietta Vet Clinic recommends laser therapy. This is a quick treatment, and is done while the pet is still under sedation. Using laser therapy promotes quick healing and reduces discomfort, which is a priority at Marietta Vet Clinic. Although laser therapy cannot be used for every surgery, it will be used for spay and neuter procedures.

Marietta, Kennesaw, Dallas, Powder Springs, Acworth, and surrounding cities can get pain relief from their local veterinarian in our animal clinic.

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Most affordable, caring vet around. I drive all the way from Tucker and it’s totally worth it. The office staff are all very sweet and friendly. Dr. Julian is the best!

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Super clean beautiful building. The staff is so very friendly and Dr J is amazing. I am so glad we found him for our needy pack

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Marietta Vet Clinic Dr. Julian Peckich

At Marietta Vet Clinic, we offer comprehensive, high-quality care at our state-of-the-art facility. We strive to create the most welcoming, pleasant experience for you and your furry friend. Dr. Peckich is affiliated with the American Veterinary Medical Association and has been providing specialized care for nearly ten years. 

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